Ability to add custom channels?

Hey there, I finished building a prototype box for my C5 corvette that takes in standard delphi thermistor inputs and converts it to an analog output voltage corresponding to temperature which I can plug into the unused O2 sensor inputs (downstream O2 inputs) for logging via race chrono. Everything works except there's no good channel names for my new custom channels. I'm logging differential pre and post cooler temperatures.

1) There's no differential temperature channel name at all
2) Not sure how to add any custom channel names.


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    @jvaldez, in RaceChrono there's no custom names, but you can use the generic ones (like Temperature) and add postfix for it, so you get something like Temperature 10 for example. You can also propose new channel names with the desired units, and I will add them if they are generic enough to be useful to other people.
  • "Differential oil temperature"?
  • I'm using gearbox but a differential name would be nice too.

    Problem is right now i have 3 gear box temperatures in RC and the text doesn't scroll so i can't tell which is which when looking at the summary.

    Is "differential oil temperature" generic enough? I realize not many cars will have this sensor but newer ones might and it's not too hard to add one yourself (which is what I did)

  • It is generic enough. And if you can think of any others that are missing, I can add them in the same go.
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