RaspberryPi Datalogger + Grafana


I've wanted to try and get RaceChrono working with a raspberry pi + influxDB + Grafana for a while now but not sure where to get started!

if anyone can point me in the right direction / help I would greatly appreciate it! Will also post public repo.


  • is it currently possible to stream data from RC over TCP/IP to a remote server?
  • We do not have such API at the moment. We do have live data output through the Bluetooth LE Monitor API, but it's meant for companion devices, such as DIY data displays.
  • @aol_of_RaceChrono I'm getting data from RC using an ESP32 in monitor mode and storing data inside an InfluxDB successfully will be able to make a pit board now :)

    just with the Longitude and Latitude I'm not sure of the formatting to get the correct values shown in racecrono

    {"Latitude", "channel(device(gps), latitude)* XXXX ", X.X}
  • Can't say for sure without testing and reviewing the source code, but I remember the output using 32 bit integers? So the multiplier needs to be chosen so that you can fit enough precision to 32-bits.

    You could use 60000000.0 as the multiplier. Then just divide with 60000000.0 to get the floating point version again.
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