Support for multi-point CAN tire temp sensors


I'm thinking about building a bunch of Melexis-based sensors and I _really_ don't like how Bluetooth can be sometimes unreliable. So I'm thinking about hardwiring stuff, preferably into CAN, so that I can log data directly from there.

Does anyone know if it's possible to write a CAN "expression" that would result in roughly what RejsaRubberTrac does in RaceChrono? The expressions syntax seems to only support extracting single values from there. I'll DIY all my firmware, so I can make it output whatever - I just need to know how to set it up.



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    If you add the sensors to CAN-Bus, you can decode the channels just like any other CAN-bus channel with RaceChrono. The data format doesn't matter, as you'll need to add the CAN-Bus channels (in Vehicle profile) and write the equations for them anyways. Obviously you want to make it easy to decode, maybe one byte per temperature.

    When you add the channels, you need to name them like this (using the channel postfix selections):

    Tyre temperature xx = center or "overall" temperature of the tyre. it's your choice how to calculate it, but for RejsaRubberTrack I just use the center temperature
    Tyre temperature xx 1 = left edge temperature of the tyre
    Tyre temperature xx 2..y-1 = temperatures between the left and right edge
    Tyre temperature xx y = right edge temperature of the tyre

    Where xx is the position postfix, FL/FR/RL/RR/Rear/Front, and y is the index postfix between 1 and 8. The exact channel naming is important for the nice video overlay.
  • Great, thanks for the explanation.
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