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I am trying to write a tool that will take vbo data from RaceChrono, merge it with data from another tool, and write a vbo file for import back in to RaceChrono. I have some questions and the vbo format for RaceChrono. Thanks for the help!

1) Does the order of the columns matter? If so, what are the rules?
2) Are [header] and [column names] both required? If so, what is the use of each in RaceChrono?
3) Do I use the rc_ prefix on the channel identifiers in [header], [column names], or both?
4) What characters cannot be used in [header] and/or [column names ]
5) How is time in the first row of the file used?
6) I notice some [headers] have units included. Is that required?

Thanks, I'm sure I'll have more questions.


  • Another question, maybe a feature request. It would be great if I didn't have to live with a preset list of channel identifiers. Would it be possible to allow users to define anything as a base channel identifier? e.g. rc_abs_active and rc_traction_control. Right now I am calling all of the rc_analog_X and don't love it.
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    1) RaceChrono doesn't care
    2) RaceChrono cares only about the [header]
    3) See 2)
    4) See 2). As RaceChrono does not have custom channel names, it's a..z, 0..9 and underscore...
    5) It's used to create absolute timestamps for RaceChrono, as the time column does not contain date
    6) RaceChrono picks one of them, kmh, knots or mph

    Bonus question) it's not possible and probably won't be. But you can suggest new ones. Maybe start a new thread for new channel names you'd like to have in the app.
  • Thanks, I just figured #2 out last night, rest were going to be a bunch of trial and error.

    5) I get that's how the date in the first line is used, as the times in the .vbo are minutes since midnight. But does the time in the first line also end up somewhere?
  • 5) Time is not used at the moment, only the date.
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