Joying Headunit


I am looking at installing one of these Android car radio Joying 8.8 inch on a corvette. Apparently, the screen will fit the 1.5-DIN Chevy opening without much modification. I was originally looking at getting a typical carplay unit e.g. sony, pioneer, etc, but I found out Racechrono does not support carplay :o (My old car had wireless carplay built in), well the Joying unit supports both wireless carplay and android apps.

Is anybody else using one for Racechrono or similar lap timer type app on an android radio? Does it have 10+ Hz GPS and Accelerometer built in? I have not used an android in probably 5 years so IDK how hard it might be to set up.

Alternately I will probably get a racebox mini or similar device and stick a phone to the window, the old fashioned way.

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