Odometer gauge for Overlay

the overlay has gauges for timing, acceleration, Speed, RPM, etc., but is there one to display the distance since the session started, without using OBD? Otherwise there is only an option in the summary screen to display the lap distance.


  • You can just add a new gauge to the overlay.

    Distance since session start:
    device: GPS, channel: Distance

    Distance since first lap start:
    device: Lap timer, channel: Total race distance

  • OK, I figured it out.
    You add a new gauge to the overlay (each is separately customized), which defaults to Speed/GPS. Then you tap that, and change it to GPS and Distance. You can change also size, and alpha/transparency.
    But if you change the location, the other gauges (Speed) go to the same location. Can you give each gauge a different location?
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