Racechrono ghost reference laps

I've added a "Reference" lap to my session. Both me and reference are visible on the map. My run is considerably slower than the reference lap, but when I move through the timeline, my ghost does not fall behind. It stays side by side with the reference.

Is there a way to fix it so that it displays both in real time? I want my ghost to trail the reference on the map.

Thank you.


  • RaceChrono has a setting in Analysis titled "Comparison X-axis scaling".

    When that setting is set to Position (very accurate) or Linear (less accurate), the comparison lap's x-axis is scaled to match the primary lap. It means the high and low points will match on the graph, and the location on the map.

    When that setting is set to Disabled. The graph and map positions will no longer match. But effectively you will get the "Ghost location" by changing this setting to Disabled.
  • You can also try changing the X axis from "distance" to "time".
  • Thank you. I did both, Set Comparison Graph to "time" and set "Comparison X-axis" to disabled. This worked and I can now compare both replays in real time. I just wish it was possible to add more than 1 reference lap, so I could maybe add other people to the ghost and compare multiple people with mine.
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