video/data offset with Racebox mini

I'm new here. First of all, thanks for the racechrono app, I'm loving it, and it takes a really big part of the fun I take in my trackdays ! (I love to look at data to improve myself)

I was using a garmin GLO with no problems, and I recently uprated to a racebox mini. The added precision is awesome !
Unfortunately, I have now a big offset between video (from gopro hero 8) and data, something like 2 seconds.
Is there any easy way to adjust this offset ? I didn't find anything about that.


  • Please see . As you only need adjustment for the sync, you'll need only parts of this tutorial. I'd try first the "Bonus step A: Automatic synchronisation", and if that's still off, then I'd use the "-50 ms" and "+50 ms" buttons.
  • Thanks for the tip, it works well. ;)
    Do you know why it is offsync compared to the GLO I used previously ?
    I didn't activate the built in gps of my gorpo, do you think it is preferable ?
  • There's different delay on output of GLO and RaceBox Mini. Also your GoPro model and memory card affects this, as they have their unique recording start delays ...
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