Customized dashboard parameters

Finally got the car sorted out and getting back on track.

One thing that i find myself wanting to do is add OBD parameters to the dash/live view. For example, i have a C5Z and it doesn't allow me to view things on the cluster that i can access (and do record) via OBD such as:

Gearbox temp, diff temp, etc. Would be nice to be able to add a few PIDs to the live view so i can glance at various temperatures on straight aways.

Looks like i can add any GPS channel but not PID/OBD.


  • From what I understand, RC will only let you display parameters it detects in the actual datastream, so you need to have the device connected to OBD and the vehicle ”sending” data (ignintion on) when editing the screens.

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    Yeah, data needs to be recorded in that particular session, for the option to select a channel to appear.

    Notice the v7.6 will allow you to add this data only to certain slots in the Timer page. The Gauges page will allow it for any slot. This limitation will be gone in upcoming v8.0.
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