NMEA Talker ID

Hi all,
i know the combinations are RMC + GGA or RMC + VTG + ZDA but I have a uncertainty about Talker ID.
If I use a multi GNSS receiver And I have a Mix of sentences $GP* , $GN* , $GN* racechrono is to able to read all messages?


  • RaceChrono parses currently only the $GP* ones.
  • So, can't I use GNSS module with more constellations? But only GPS and not GPS+GLONASS?
  • @Sblif The coordinates in $GPGGA and $GPRMC are still calculated from all the satellites, so you're missing only metadata, right?
  • What do you mean with metadata? If they are data for Photo, for now they are not important. My goal is to have to best precision for coordinate.
  • @Sbilf I'm trying to say the data used by RC is still the best precision available.
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