RaceChrono v8.0 beta



  • I'm sorry to say but we are having a bit of a situation here at RaceChrono. For the time being AOL is unfortunately unable to fully participate in support etc. We are trying our best to cope with this difficult situation and keep RaceChrono going!
  • oh my, i am so sorry to hear that. i hope things get better and back to normal!
  • That's concerning news. I hope all is ok. AOL was very helpful and prompt. I wish him a quick recovery.
  • edited October 2023
    I'm fine again! But I have a lot of things to-do, so I may not answer all pending support request in timely fashion. Just make another request if you need urgent attention :smile:

    Everyone welcome Pekka (alias pep), he's now officially full time employee of RaceChrono.
  • Good to hear you're okay aol!
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