Long (multi-frame) Custom PID Requests

Does RC support long / multi-frame PID request? In the Custom PID definition screen, it seems to truncate what I enter down to 7 or 8 bytes. I went into expert settings and tried the various toggles to unrestrict the PID parameters, but didn't see any change.

A little background. This particular ECU in mode 22 allows you to request up to 8 PIDs in a single request, and then receive a single response with all data. Of course this offers to option to speed things up quite a bit with BT latency (I have OBDLink MX)

I got it working requesting 3 PID at time (it works great)-- the interface just won't accept the "full" PID requesting all 8 at a time (truncates it as mentioned above). It's my understanding the ST command of CSEGT 1 will automatically split the message into frames and adds multi-frame PCI bytes. In my test profile my init command is: atsh7e0\nstcsegr1\nstcsegt1\n

Just for awareness, the format is: 22 [PID 1 addr] [PID 2 addr] [PID 3 addr] etc.

and response is: 62 [PID 1 addr] [PID 1 data] [PID 2 addr] [PID 2 data] [PID 3 addr] [PID 3 data]


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