"Move to media store"?

Greetings, l attended a TrackDay recently and made some RC lap-recordings with videocamera on. Today I plan to start editing and publish some of the recordings. But I get a little confused about the video option "Move to Media Store". Do I have to move the video before editing? If I don't - where is the video located then?


  • The raw video files are stored in the app's internal folder. If you click the "Move to Media Store", the video will be moved to the Android's Media Store. You will then see the file in the other apps too.
  • "Media Store" feels pretty technical (it's a common term among Androird developers, but not users), it might be worth looking into something more casual-user-friendly.
    For example, GoPro calls the same thing "Save to phone".
    Maybe "Move to gallery"?
    Or one could argue that once a file is exported, it should be automatically moved to Media Store, without an extra step required from the user?
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    I call it "Move to Photos app" in iOS. I want there rto be a manual step, but we could think of better term for it.
  • Do you "loose" any RC-functionality by moving the video to "Media store" since it default stores it in app's internal folder?
    Another question about this - as you see in my attached picture I have an extra SD-card, "External storage". Can I change that set file path for for the video to "/storage/DCIM" for example?
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    @tinsfci well basically after "Move to Media Store", the video is no longer in RaceChrono's sandbox. I don't think you lose any functionality though. It's just a time consuming operation to move it.
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