Cannot add second DIY BLE Device

Hello all,

I am creating suspension travel measuring devices using nRF52 boards one for each corner.

I am able to connect the first device(named FR_S) but when I am trying to connect the second(named RR_S) I get the following error:

"This would cause a conflict in the device configuration. Following devices must be disabled first: FR_S"

I register the "CAN-Bus filter characteristic" but I have not implemented the write callback method.

Here is my code:

Any idea what I am doing wrong?


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    Currently RaceChrono allows only one type of this device. There's some "core" changes needed to make this happen. On my TO-DO list.
  • Thanks!
  • @sikrip Assuming you just need to log the position of 2 or 4 suspension potentiometers, it might be easier to have one board somewhere, connected to all the potentiometers at once?
    Will follow your project, I'm really curious now :)
  • @timurrrr what I am trying to do is to log the suspension travel on all 4 wheels. I will use precision potentiometers to do that (for the test phase I am using cheap units):

    On top of that, I want to have the ability to log the tyre temps using thermal cameras (to be added later).

    So in order to achieve the above, plus the fact that I do not want to route long wires from all 4 corners of my car to one board, I need to have one board per corner.

    Last weekend I experimented with the code of and adapted it so that:

    * it uses a potentiometer for measuring the suspension travel
    * it works with the latest MLX90640

    Will fork this repo and share my code here.

    The good thing about "RejsaRubberTrac" devices is that I can add as many as I need :)

    So @aol_of_RaceChrono my problem is solved for now but it would be nice to have the ability to add more than one DIY BLE Device in RC.

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    @sikrip Understood. Currently the app "core" has some problems distinguishing between devices of same type. That's something I need to address before allowing adding multiple DIY devices. I need to fix that anyways for the tyre temp sensors.
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