Is it possible to send gyroscope and accelerometer data via tcp?


Is there any way to send gyroscope and accelerometer data via tcp?

I was able to successfully setup connection to send NMEA data via tcp. Even more: I store them on sd card and send them after the ride, and racechrono successfully figures that out (relays on timestamps in nmea messages). So that part works(gps). Problem which I see is how to coordinate these accelerometer/gyroscope data with timestamps? And how to even send them? I saw RaceBox sends such data but via BLE. I prefer to stay with tcp (wifi is much faster to download that amount of data)

If there is a way to send IMU data via tcp together with nmea - how to do that? If not maybe some other data via different port?

If there is no way to send it via tcp then how to send them via BLE without setting whole device as RaceBox? In the past I was able to succesfully send also data via BLE and Bluetooth classic (uart, nmea), but never tried with IMU yet.


  • Hi, anything there? Or at least some info how to push imu data not via chosing RaceBox?

  • I don't have the answer right now, but I'll get back to you after I'm 100% back to work.
  • gps_net: You can send NMEA together with $RC3 over TCP and WiFi. If you send them from the same device, then maybe you can parse the time from the NMEA and add it to the RC3 so they will be synchronized ?

    RaceChrono settings --> +Add other device -- > RaceChrono DIY --> TCP/IP --> check both NMEA and RC2/RC3

    DIY with RC3 and NMEA over WiFi/TCP only works when I set up the DIY device is a WiFi access point, i.e. the DIY device opens/listens for connections to a TCP port number.

    The opposite direction: RaceChrono cannot yet (as far as I know) open a TCP port on the phone's WiFi Hotspot and act as a TCP server listening for connections to that TCP port. This could make DIY WiFi / TCP much easier to use. For example: An ESP01 could then be set up in "passthroug mode" and stream data at high speed.

    AOL: is difficult to make this work? Maybe you have already tried it?
  • DrMotor: thank you. sounds like exacly what I need. I was not aware $RC2, $RC3 frames have such informations. server is not the issue for me . I will try to sync data with gps (parse nmea data first to get timestamps)
  • DrMotor: tested with RC2 with accelerometer data only and works great. thank you!
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    @gps_net How are you planning to use the IMU (accelerometer and gyroscope) data in RaceChrono? Currently the IMU functionality where the data is processed and lateral/longitudinal acceleration and lean angle are calculated is not supported or even tested when using the DIY protocols. Only the data from the internal IMU and the RaceBox Mini IMU's is supported by this functionality right now. That said we should look in to supporting the IMU data in DIY protocols as well.
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    Initially my goal was to show accelerations/braking forces + corner G forces. later on because of lack of responses I installed adxl345 only to wakeup/go sleep my device to save energy. Then I saw DrMotor response and as it was relatievly easy to implement I pushed these data via $RC2 to racechrono and saw that data are avaliable and saved in Racechrono.I made short ride on my bike on the city and saw that data is recorded (x,y,z)(+ "combined acceleration" is seen. It is calculated from my accelerometer data, right?) Next weekend I will be on racetrack and see how it performs.

    Later on I will try to use MPU-6050 to have also Gyro, not only Accelerometer
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