Video Export "Lean Angle" gauge not working in 8.0.3

Hi there, I use RC (iOS) on the racetrack (Motorcycle) and noticed that in 8.0.3 the lean angle gauge gets stuck at some angle (say 47 degrees) for half a lap, then recovers and shows proper lean angles, only to get stuck again some time later. It is not happening at a consistent lean angel or at a specific point in the lap.....
I am pretty sure it happens during video export as I can see all lean angle data correctly in the iPhone App. I know it is a calculated metric, so maybe something not right in the V8 code (I have never seen this in earlier versions) ??
Anybody else seen this behaviour ?



  • Please share the session with me and I will check what's wrong. Please use the share button on the session's overview, and share the file to tracks(at)
  • Emails are on the way
    TY!! Gerd
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    @GPW You're exporting the overlay with a "green screen hack" right? I wonder if it's just a video codec issue. Please try to export with real video in background, to eliminate that possibility.

    I'm not seeing anything getting stuck here, when using a real video in the export.
  • I will try
  • But ultimately that won’t be an option since I am using a 3 camera setup that will produce 3 camera angles, off of which I produce a multi angle clip and then overlay that with the green screen as a separate stream before applying any cuts.
    I would have to make all final angle cuts before exporting the video to the iPhone and then apply the overlay - to a 10gb video file for a 20 minute track session …and repeat that process in case I want to edit any cut later…..
  • @GPW, yes I understand the need for exporting the overlay alone. That feature is quite high on my TO-DO list.

    That said, we need to know if the issue appears on the normal use case too.
  • I cannot recreate the issue in 8.0.7 on either iPad or iPhone after a number of exports. Must have been a glitch on my side - pls ignore the post
  • I cannot reproduce it either, so let's close this.
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