Margin settings in iOS v8.0.3 for gauges not working right

I really like the new configurability in v8 to position the gauges precisely where you want them.....but ...
In my case I am recording in 4k 4:3 and the default settings in the app (say e.g. 16 from the left and 16 from the top or the bottom) put the gauges almost smack in the middle of the video (NOT where I want them).

I had to go to -170 from the top (for the lap time and the map at the top) and -170 from the bottom (for lean angle and speed) in "Legacy Overlay 1" to get a proper export done with gauges at the upper and lower boundaries of my video.
When I pick settings like this the gauges almost disappear from view when i look at the preview in iOS, but the export comes out right, so there is a mismatch between what the preview shows and what the export will do.....I can work around it by using the above settings, but I don't thing they were intended to be used that way....


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    ... I've just tested it and seems the margins act similarly on both cases. Maybe something else is going on. Can you share me your overlay and I will check. Please use the share button on the Overlay editor top menu, and share the file to tracks(at)
  • Oh, I forgot one thing. Please check that you're exporting with same overlay as you are using in analysis. It's a different setting. It's super confusing, I will fix it for upcoming release.
  • I checked, video analysis is using the same overlay template and it has the same settings (-170)
  • Emails are on the way
    TY!! Gerd
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    You're using a "green screen hack" to export the overlay right? I think the problem is somewhere there. Maybe the green screen is not in correct aspect ratio, or some metadata describing the aspect ratio is wrong. If you want the overlay in 4:3, you need to have the green screen in 4:3.

    I could not find anything wrong with how margins work, in the usual use case with real video files.
  • Yes it’s the same green screen I used 3 weeks ago and it worked fine (it’s always the same greens screen template)….
    I will re-create the template and test again
  • @GPW RaceChrono overlay code has been almost completely re-written for v8.0.

    When using hacks that are not official features, you cannot expect them to work similarly from version to version, as I do not test them. But I believe this one will work with a correct green screen background video.

    You should never have the need to place the gauges outside the video frame, such as using a negative margin. I think the aspect ratio of the green screen background is detected differently in the video player (analysis and overlay editor) and in the video export.
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    @GPW Update; the overlay is rendered wrong in RaceChrono for iOS with 4:3 video frame in video export, so it IS a bug, sorry for doubting it :smile: It's just an aspect ratio issue, not related to margins. In Analysis and Overlay editor it is rendered correctly.

    Will be fixed in v8.0.7. Thank you for reporting the issue!
  • Checked it out in 8.0.7 and it now renders correctly (that was fast....:-))
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