Alastaro new long track version

Do anyone have a data from new long version? If not, I am going there 13.7 thursday and I can try to collect some data. How to do that, dont know yet, but will try.


  • Ok. Ismo told me today that someone allready did map for you by bisycle. So just waiting when it's available. Nice.
  • No one has uploaded it yet. Can you do it?
  • edited July 2023
    Sorry no. I was there and Ismo told me that it is done so I did not managed to do that. Sorry.
  • I'm going there next saturday. I can collect data and upload it afterwards. How do I do that? Can you walk me through it? I have the RCPro and Racebox mini.

  • They/organizer weren't sure if the long track is available, after all. We'll see.

  • @Juzu hi, you can create a new track using these instructions

    When it's perfect, use the submit button, and it goes to the review queue. I can make it official once I know it's there.
  • Ok, we'll see if the long track is available.

  • It wasn´t so I have no data for the long track. I´ll ask from another forum if somebody does have it.
  • Long track is on the database, please do refresh if you cannot see it.
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