Time delta issues with most recent version(s)

Since upgrading recently (I'm not sure if it was 8.0.7 specifically, which I'm on now, but whichever recent upgrade came with significant changes), I've noticed a few issues with deltas. The most obvious is that when a lap for analysis, the delta channel never shows up in the traces, even if it's selected, until I open the selections with the gear icon and change something. Even if I just de-select and then re-select something, then the time delta appears. Related, when opening that menu with the phone in horizontal position, the right side of the data traces are cut off after closing it until I scroll to the end of the lap. (Which gets annoying when combined with the previous issue.)

Probably unrelated, but I've also noticed that the time delta seems to jump around a lot more than it used to. At first I thought this was just because the default was changed to single decimal place, but even after changing it back to two decimals, it still is jumping by tenths or more, whereas it used to move much more smoothly. I'm not sure if this is because the reference lap I'm using is pre-upgrade or if there's something else going on, but it's making it more difficult to evaluate on the fly how well I took a corner when it seems like there's a few tenths of noise overlayed on the actual data. The other weird thing is that the real time deltas I'm seeing on the screen don't match the delta trace when I later compare the lap to the same reference. They're off by several tenths throughout the lap, though they end at the correct value.

Finally, this one does seem unrelated, but I used to be able to pretty reliably get CANBUS data from my OBDLinx MX in my S2000. The last couple of sessions though (since this same upgrade), the connection seems extremely flaky, with it most of the time giving me the red bar at the bottom with "No data from OBDLink MX". This will briefly disappear and I'll get data for a bit, then it will come back.


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