App Crashing - DIY OBD2

App Info:
RaceChrono Pro V 8.0.8 (230171)

Phone Info:
Samsung Galaxy S10
OS: Android Version 12

Paired Device Info:
RaceChrono DIY
OBD2 CAN receiver
Bluetooth LE CAN-Bus

When I click "Start" (big red button), the app begins recording while a red bar at the bottom of the screen says, "Connecting to OBD", then after a few seconds the app crashes and I receive a notification that states, "RaceChrono Pro has closed because this app has a bug. Try updating this app after its developer provides a fix for this error."

This error does not occur if the OBD2 is not connected to the phone, as in GPS only for data.

I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling. No luck. I've emailed support & sent a support dump (crash logs).


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