2021 Mustang Cant get ABS PIDs to work at all.

Got my first BT ODB2 reader(OBDLink MX+) to use with raceChrono. The standard stuff worked great but I wanted to add manual gear position, brake pressure (or brake pedal position), and steering angle. I got the gear position to work but its on the PCM(0x 7E0), but I cant get anything to show up for the other 2 on the ABS(0x760).

Long version:
After scouring these forums and the interwebs I couldn't find any pids that would work. So I used Forscan and wireshark to capture the data I wanted. Keep in mind before today I had no idea how BT or OBD2 worked so I could be missing something.
Took a bit to figure it out but what I got was 8 measurements most that were duplicates in the standard channels.

On the PCM, header 7E0:
0x221505 - speed
0x221985 - manual gear pos
0x222B00 - brake on/off
0x22F40C - rpm
0x22F40D - speed
0x22F411 - throttle pos

On the ABS, header 760:
0x22EE12 - Break pressure
0x22EE14 - steering angle

anything on the PCM I can create a channel in raceChrono and get the correct data, but I never get anything under the ABS channels. Even if I put in the header so I'm not sure if raceChrono just cant pull from multiple locations or what I'm doing wrong.


  • if it helps anyone figure out what I'm missing here is the wireshark capture I used to get the data


    does racechrono just not support non standard ODB PIDS?
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    Well I was able to get the tpm sensors tpm bus for tire pressures

    Header: 0x726





    Formula: (256*B+C)/3 + 22/3

    But still get "no data" on 760 ABS. Another odd thing is if I try to use the wrong code on say header 7E0 o get some bits that mean nothing, something like 7F2231 or something similar. However, I get no data for header 760

  • Well I figured it out. Not sure how I missed it but I have to change the bus. I found it from an older post on this form I somehow missed the first time, but basically you need to use a connection string of STP53\nSTPBR500000\nATSH000760.

    Issue is I can choose to get get info from the ABS system OR the PCM & bodycontrole. As far as I can tell the app doesn't support switching networks.
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    OK, which commands would enable you to get data for both, if placed between requests?
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