Custom data import?

I've built my own datalogger to use on the kart track as unlike a car, i don't really have the room for setup of the phone, module, etc.
I want to use RaceChrono for all of my analysis, but now that I've added engine RPM, I don't know how to get that data into RaceChrono.
It doesn't seem to allow importation of all the files it is able to export, the default format is binary, and I'm just kind of stuck.

It would be awesome if RaceChrono supported importing a "custom" CSV format, I don't have all the data to fill out the AimMychrono/CSV and would prefer RaceChrono to calculate that... that's kind of the point here.

Am I missing something, is there an easy data format I can copy and fill out with just "time/gps-data/RPM"?

it would be really simple if we could do custom NMEA commands... that would be easy for us, and I assume really easy to add to the NMEA parser


  • I have managed to bastardize the AIM import format with the following CSV header

    The time appears to be seconds since the "time" column or race start, I'm still confused, you MUST NOT have trailing commas in the header (possible parsing bug???)

    It seems to fail if you remove anymore information, but this is super helpful.

    Would be nice to ditch the time/distance columns for RC to parse itself.

    "Format","AIM CSV File"
    "Venue","OKC PRO"
    "Sample Rate",50

    "Time","Distance","Internal Battery du","RPM","GPS_Speed","GPS_Nsat","GPS_Slope","GPS_Heading","GPS_Altitude","GPS_PosAccuracy","GPS_Latitude","GPS_Longitude","GPS_Elevation",


    Now I'm on crackhead mode, I'm gonna have the laptimer on the kart, sending data back to the pits via LoRA, connected to another ble device, connected to a tablet.

    Laptimer on da kart
    Race Chrono in da pits

    We're gonna upset some people at the next endurance....
  • If you remove more GPS data, it "half works", the data and laptimes are there, but it doesn't show the driving path around the track....
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