How to get an overlay

So when I started using this app, first I exported the videos on my phone, and could get a nice overlay with them.
After, I wanted to do it on my PC, and found Dashware as a free software which lets me do this, with importing the csv and having the telemetry overlay + adding a video to it so it can be exported.
Now I'm using a mac, and Dashware is not available. Tried to go the nmea -> gpx -> garmin virb edit route, but 1, that sucks because its too long, 2 it does not work eventually, because that software (surprisingly...) sucks
So is it possible to just export the overlay without any video files?
If not, then can anyone help me find a way to edit my videos with any racechrono exported dataformat (any csv, nmea, anything), without paying 150 euros to the goprotelemetryextractor?


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