AirDrop Session from iPhone to iPad, Video Links Missing

recording sessions on iPhone using external camera, GoPro HERO 12. in the session, the videos are missing. i import the video by connecting to camera right in the RaceChrono app. everything works.

i know want to work on my iPad. bigger screen, more disk space, faster cpu/gpu. i have to share/airdrop each session separately from iPhone to iPad, but it works. i am able to AirDrop the session into Files, then import it into RaceChrono. i wish i could just AirDrop directly into RaceChrono and save the extra steps plus clean up of *.rcz files.

still, everything works, except the video, i didn't expect the video to be AirDrop'd as part of the RaceChrono session, but if i have the video(s) already in the Photos on iPad, i would expect maybe for everything to be ok.

does anyone know the recommended workflow to make iPhone + GoPro recording -> iPad for analysis with video as painless as possible?



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    The video files are too large to be included in the .rcz, but the use case could be improved by making the video transfer easier. What you can do right now move all video files to the Photos app, so they will appear on all of your devices through iCloud.
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