Mass data transfer to new phone

Hello folks,

I've had a scour around the forum, and scratched my head looking at the app, but I can't see a simple and easy way to transfer all sessions from one phone to another.

Is the only way to do it to go into each session, individually, and either 'share' or 'export' the file?



  • Create backup, then restore on the new phone:
  • Magic, thanks @aol_of_RaceChrono! Two quick comments on importing, not directly linked to this, but sort of. 1) If I have multiple rcz files, I don't appear to be able to import them at the same time — only one at a time. Is that intentional? and 2) if I do import files one at a time because of (1), then it resets the directory every time, which can get a bit painful. Is it possible for the app to remember the directory I just imported from and open the import dialog in the same place please? Many thanks :smile:
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    Where do you pick the file from iCloud, Google Drive or? I can check if setting directory would be possible.

    It's one session per import by design, but I'm sure it could be improved. But there's so many places the app could be improved... :wink:
  • iCloud Drive @aol_of_RaceChrono

    It’s a great app, and it’s tremendous value for all you’ve implemented. Sure there are some small improvements that would make life easier, but they can come along incrementally eh? 😊

    Thanks for being so responsive here none the less! 👏

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