Part1 Part2 files have micro stutter when rejoined

Hi I am working with a 4K session file around 28 minutes long. When I export my video with overlay it splits the video into multiple 3.7GB chunks. When I recombine them into 1 on my PC it results in a micro stutter between files.

1. Is there any way to stop it from producing multiple files?
2. If not, is there any way to fix this micro stutter somehow?


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    So, I just discovered the "Split video files" setting. Doh!
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    Disabling the "Split video files" didn't do anything. I realize there's a note that it may not work on some devices, but what devices would this work on at all?

    I've tried 2 "modern" devices, 1 is a lenovo tab p11 pro on Android 13, the other is a pixel 8 pro on Android 14. Both devices happily accept very large single files from my cameras, why can't this app create the same? There's a stutter between every clip when combined.
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    Unfortunately I cannot see any way to fix this right now. Next version will have standalone overlay export, so you could use a video editor on PC to overlay the original files.
  • Got it. I'm an engineer, if there's anything I can do to help diagnose or test a beta build let me know. I do use other apps on the same device that are able to save greater than 3.7GB, so somehow it should be possible.

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