2 different Devices, same Account

Hey there

i have RC Pro for iOS and Android. Which kinda triggered me a bit since i didnt understand why i would have to pay twice, aspecially when there is a login option in the client.

Now i am facing the isue that i am logged in on both Clients but i see completly different things. like my own tracks are only on one device, sessions (which i expected to not be shared), overlays, and whatever you call the live screens while riding/driving.

so i wonder, what is the use of logging into my racechrono account? is there a simple way to share all my settings etc with the other phone?


  • I can see the confusion and annoyance with the My RaceChrono account. I was supposed to do cloud sync feature with it. Now thinking about removing the whole account system.
  • hey aol, thanks for the reply

    i guess if you wont continue the cloud sync idea, maybe a single "config" file that we could export would be great.
    that config would take everything from one device, like settings, tracks, overlay etc and overwrite the other device

    maybe make sure it doesnt delete already available tracks and overlays
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