Issues with RC Pro on Samsung Galaxy S7

Hi folks, i am having issues with RC Pro 8.0.8 on a samsung galaxy s7. i am using the internal camera set to a lower resolution, racebox mini, and the Veepeak OBDCheck BLE Bluetooth OBD II. When i go to preview or try to export, the video file is only a still image, and when i manually navigate to the video file in the phone directory it is a black video screen with audio. below is an example video:

1. is this common, with a solution?
2. is this an issue because i have RC Pro installed on two different phones?
3. Does the phone running RC Pro need to have a SIM card and mobile data?
4. Also, the racechrono file directory does not match what is claimed in this link; could that be part of the problem?:


  • Hi folks, commenting on my own post. i browsed the tutorials section, common issues for andoid, and lo and behold this IS a glitch / common issue on Galaxy S7. i am going to try their work-around. Here are the details:
    "Why does video recording with internal camera produce a video with “freeze frame” only?"

    This is a bug with latest version of RaceChrono on phones with Android 8.0 or later. Issue is being investigated and it will be fixed eventually. At least Samsung S7 Active with Android 8.0.0 is affected. For now do this as temporary work-around fix: RaceChrono > Settings > Expert settings > Camera API version > API v1. It will fix the issue for new sessions. If you are affected by this problem, please contact RaceChrono support and send your device details, it will help us to keep track of this issue.
  • i can confirm that setting to API v1 does fix this issue on Samsung galaxy S7.
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