Video export issue feedback

Hey there
I've had video export issues for few months.
It seems that this problem occurred after my Iphone12 was upgraded to IOS17.4. (After upgrading to 17.4.1, it still does not work ). RC version is v8.0.9 and the error message is: PHPhotosErrorDomain error 3302.
Repeatedly setting RC's permission to read the album is of no use.


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    This happens in "Move to Photos app", correct? You can still use the "Share" option, where you can select "Save to Files" etc.

    This error supposedly comes when there's not enough space, but it's not so simple.

    Problem with this is that I always seem not able to reproduce it. The 17.4.1 work fine here...
  • Yes, happens in "Move to Photos app".

    My iphone still have more than 100GB space, so there may be some other problems.

    The "Share" option works fine.


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