Using WIFI to support Base channel identifiers DIY

Hello, I'm currently developing an OBD device equipped with a display screen to monitor vehicle data. It already includes standard OBD library data and additionally supports data for many specific vehicle models, such as BMW UDS, BMW KWP2000, TOYOTA UDS, TOYOTA KWP2000, HONDA UDS, GM, FORD, MAZDA UDS, VW TP20, VW UDS, and CAN monitored data as well. Due to the diversity of protocols, I must use my device's protocol stack to send this computed data via WIFI to RaceChrono. For example, engine speed 2000 RPM, vehicle speed 120 KM/H, turbo pressure 1.2 bar. However, according to the DIY instructions, it seems WIFI does not support this(Using WIFI to support Base channel identifiers DIY). Could you please help me solve this problem? I need to use WIFI to send data. I have many OBD device users in China, and if my device can successfully support RaceChrono, more people will start using it. Currently, we are also supporting TrackAddict, vcm scan, RaceRender, and other software. I am very eager to integrate with RaceChrono. Thank you very much, and I look forward to your answer.
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