Motorcycle Setup Connectors

Hello all. My name is Alex.
I am looking for some info on how to set up data logging using racechrono. In particular rpm speed and throttle position from the ecu. I own a cbr1000 2008 and from what i know it hasn't got an odb connector but it does have a 4 pin connector under the seat and one of those lines is called K-line. I believe this carries some data from the ecu but i don't know how can i connect it up to use the data. I have looked everywhere for some sort of connector/adaptor but i have had no success. Vbox has a clip were the bike had no CAN output and they used a Mini Input Module to pick up these signals. Is there a similar device i can use to achieve this results. Here is alink to a photo of the adaptor on my bike:
Any help appreciated.
Thank you.


  • I don't know of any devices that will read the CBR data stream directly to bluetooth. If you can be patient "Mattnj" is working on a (low cost?) hardware logger that may be available soon. Although it wouldn't read your datastream directly, you could hook it up to your TPS and a RPM source easy enough. Look down the forum a bit, I think there is a post called "Race Chrono hardware logger" which has more info.
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