Weird obd speed issue

I am using RaceChrono 1.30 on a HTC Kaiser using windows mobile 6.5 beta. I have an OBDKey 1.30 that I am using to get obd2 data with. The OBD speed in MPH is approximately half the GPS speed (and the GPS speed is fairly accurate). I've included a couple of lines of data to show this -

Lap #,Timestamp (s),Distance (m),Distance (km),Locked satellites,Latitude (deg),Longitude (deg),Speed (m/s),Speed (kph),Speed (mph),Altitude (m),Bearing (deg),Longitudinal Acceleration (G),Lateral Acceleration (G),X-position (m),Y-position (m),RPM (rpm),Throttle Position (%),Trap name,OBD speed (mph)


  • Hi the OBD speed units are actually meters per second. m/s is roughly 2 mph. The units on the header is wrong.
  • Cool thanks. I can massage the data as needed then
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