N95 and Qstarz BT-Q818 eXtreme problems


I've just brought a Qstrarz BT-818 eXtreme, to use with my Nokia N95 8gb, for track times and acceleration tests on my motorbike. (GPS set on 5Hz on tail of bike, the phone in my pocket)

But it doesn't seem to work, as seems to disconnect, (have recorded 1 track session out of over 15 attempts.

But a Palmone gps unit i have works perfect every time, but i thinks its only a 1Hz.

Is this a common issue? can it be sorted?

Cheers Danny


  • Nokia N95 and N95 8GB have problems with QSTARZ BT-Q818X and QSTARZ BT-Q818 eXtreme receivers. Firmware update on the phone supposedly helps, please let me know if it helped. Not RaceChrono issue, but common never the less.
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    So is it a easy fix the filmware update and will it cure the issue?

    Do you know what the issue actually is?
  • I've got two prior reports where it has helped, for the exact combination. I guess there is some compatibility issues between the two devices.
  • I used my N95 8GB and BT818X again over the weekend. I managed 9 runs without any errors. I simply used the Nokia firmware updater to update my phone and have had no problems since. Make sure you back up your contacts and anything else on the phone though. I didn't and had to get all my numbers again. Whoops!
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    Andy, that's great news!

    Yes, backup is essential before update :) Brand new phones manage without, but it's still recommended.
  • That was the second time I'd updated the firmware since I got it 2 years ago. The first firmware update was fine, even though I'd taken a backup, so I chanced it the second time. Fool! Recommended, indeed...
  • Cheers lads. The N95 phone is about 18months old, its just not been opened/used till about a 4 weeks ago, and its only been used for lap timing, so i just need to save the times it recorded. If a update dont cure it fully. Whats the next best 5hz bluetooth reciever that will work perfectly
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    Let's think about that IF the firmware update does not cure this :) I'd have to Google, as none of the other MTK receivers I know, have 1 => 5 Hz switch. They are configurable to 5 Hz only by external software.
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    Ok cheers, I'll let you know if it works better. I did find a few 5hz when looking around before i got the Q818Ex. Anyone tried these ?GlobalTop G33/G66. Qstarz Q890/1000x.
  • I had the same problem and using the Nokia Updater worked for me. Just had my first serious test at Cadwell and RaceChrono worked faultlessly! (Unlike my friends' expensive GPS laptimers).
  • My Brother updated my n95 last week, and on Sunday I went out on my bike to test the n95 and 818ex. 1st test at a small dual carriageway between 2 roundabouts in a local industrial, and 2nd test was down where we have a 1.7mile long dual carriage way between roundabouts, and all it all seemed to be working fine with out fault, using as a lap timer, and performance test. So cheers for the help.
  • hi,

    As I own a n95 8gb, I'd like to know which version can cause problem and starting which it is supposed to be solved. My phone is in one of the latest version (v30) and I don't want to upgrade to the latest (v31) as it doesn't allow to hack the phone...
  • I done a trackday last week, and the N95 (on latest filmware) and 818ex worked great.

    Since the update of filmware, its been faultless.

    My brother has also used my 818ex faultlessly on his New nokia N71, and the latest Samsung laptop phone.
  • 2 bad points on the 818ex tho.
    1st, The switch on the side isn't very positive, and can easierly be knocked to the wrong position.
    2nd, The back battery cover is alittle loose fitting, and recommend if fitted using Velcro on the back, the the back cover is either tap'd to the gps unit, or cable tied to stop the 2 coming apart whilst in use.
  • I find the switch on the 818 is fine - all the way in one direction for 5Hz and all the way in the other for off. I don't use 1Hz. As for coming apart, I use heavy duty Velcro on the battery cover to keep the unit in place. It's never come apart and doesn't feel like it would. I've been using it all season, so it's not like it's hardly been used. Perhaps the battery cover on yours is broken?
  • Hi,

    i've emailed Qstarz today about my 818ex coming apart, and they advice for the unit to be tap'd down, or fitted in a proper Bag thats fixed, this stop the back coming off, as they know it can be a issue when used in extreme sports.

    I also fit mine using good quality velcro on the back too, but now its cable tie'd to stop any chance of it coming apart in use.

    My brother got a 818x last week, and its the same as mine.
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