Pick up data through OBD without ECU?


We have a two stroke motorcycle we are racing with. Have used RaceChrono for the whole season and it has served us well. But I miss some vital information. I'd very much like to be able to relate engine RPM to location on the track and speed. I also would like to log exhaust gas temperature and maybe detonations. Problem is, there's no such thing as an ECU on our bike. As I have understood it, currently, OBD II is the only way of sending data to RC. The ELM327 seems to be affordable and compatible with RC. I'm wondering, is it possible to hook into ELM327 with digital and analogue signals when I have no ECU? Does a kind of I/O card exist which could be plugged into ELM327?

Or is this so far out that my easiest option is to wait for the Hardware Datalogger to be finished?



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    The ELM327 is only usable if you have an ECU that implements OBD-II protocol. My advice would be to wait and see what comes out from Matt's data logger project. Maybe concentrate your effort to figure out how to hook up all needed sensors to the logger's analog channels.
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    Yes, this is what I have found out too. Just wanted to check if I had missed other possibilities. Thanks for your quick reply. Now I'm about for my first attempt at RaceChrono2AVI. Looks like I'm up for some fun. Can't wait to show the result to the rest of the team. Thanks for all your good work, all.
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