Hi there all.

Great product btw, im very pleased with it.

Im slightly puzzled. Im not a computer wizz but i do have a basic knowledge.

Anyway, my question is.
How can i add racechrono to my video??
Im using Windows Movie Maker & ive done a few videos before but never had the chance to overlay something like this.

If this isnt very clear, plaes ask me what im going on about :)

Thanks in advance



  • Ross,

    I am pretty sure there is layers in Windows media maker. Try to make the windows showing timeline rather than scenes or episodes. It is matter of overlying the data on the video and match it with your eyes...

    I use Sony Vegas Platinmum edition and its cheap enough
  • Try this guide to picture-in-picture with Windows Movie Maker:
  • Thanks for ur replies.

    They are useful but not useful to me.

    The problem is i can get the video into the timeline & i can find the data from racechrono but i cant get the racechrono file information to add it to my video timeline.

    If any of you have made a video with racechrono overlay, try & make the same video in Windows Movie Maker & tell me how you do it. That will be easier for me to understand if someone has done it with the same software.

    Sorry im being a pain.

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    Ross1980: Did you try to use the RaceChrono2AVI software to convert the RaceChrono export to AVI first? Do not mind if that was stupid question, but I have to check.
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    aol : Yeah i have exported it to AVi.
    I am able to play the lap & all the counters are working. I just cant figure out how to take the data & add it to a video...i cant find the data that i have to add either.

    **What i have infront of me**
    1. Racechrono2AVI V1.0.14 with the virtual cockpit area etc
    2. My video timeline in windows movie maker

    The question is, how do i get the data (where is the data) to transfer to my timeline?

    Im soooooo stupid lol
  • It's in the RaceChrono folder on your memory card. You need to copy it to your PC. See the section of the manual on exporting.
  • Have any of you tried RaceRender It is a free program I just downloaded to see if it works as good as it seems. I have not played with it much yet, but does seem to be a rather easy way to do the overlay. I will probaly pay for the upgrade once I make sure it works as easy as I think it will. It is only 25 for the full version and allows for many overlays.
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