The width of Trap lines

Hi all, I'm in Australia and wanted to first say that this an incredible piece of software. Thanks very much for it.

I had a recent day at a track in Goulburn, New South Wales called Wakefield Park. It worked most of the time, but every now and then it'd miss me finishing the lap. So instead of doing 1:18, it would finish on the next lap at 2:33.

I had a question about the trap lines and the width. Where does the finish line start based on the GPS plot? Is the GPS location in the middle of the trap line, or the left or right?


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    The GPS location for a trap is in the middle of the line. You can increase the width of the trap (default is 50 meters) if a lap is "skipped" too often because of bad GPS data.

    It is fairly normal for this to happen, and there's little you can do to avoid it, except to install your GPS in best possible location.
  • Floody, any chance of uploading Wakefield Park??
  • Hi Mike. I have sent my track to aol.
    But I have uploaded it to my webspace,

    I got the finish line pretty close, and when comparing it to mates using a stop watch it was spot on. What are you driving? I'm in a VW Polo GTI, did a 1:18.1. It's stock except except for a rear sway bar. A targa rally mini I went in did a 1:15 something.
  • Thanks for the track! I'll add it to the track library next week, after my holiday trip.
  • Floody, thanks as I am going to Wakefield soon. That is a good time in your car. I'm in a 997 S Cab with minor mods to suspension (GT3 bits), exhaust and road/track tyres. Have fun!
  • Good on you Flood. I was going to submit Wakefield when I go there in a weeks time. But you already did!! Thanks.

    Nice car too. Last time out I did a 1.11.08. Trying to crack a 1:10 this time (Commodore with minor modded suspension, exhaust, tune and track tyres). I will be using a 1hz GPS and I have a mounted video camera (which you can get laptimes up to 1/25th of a second accurate) so will see how it compares. I love this program!!
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