Importing NMEA file issue

Hi all,

I try to import a nmea file with the import feature but it fails.
Here is the nmea file:



The result is that it imports 0km !

What am I doing wrong.

Thank you for your help!


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    Hi, can you send me the full file to track(at) I will try to sort it out.
  • hey AOL,

    I am not at home currentl, sunday monday; I ll send it to you.

    in any case, thank you!

  • hey AOL,

    It seems the adress you gave me is invalid.
    (you can download the file here )

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 5.1.1 <trac....> Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table (state 14).
  • I'm sorry, it should be tracks(at) But I can download it from the address you gave me.
  • Hey aol,

    I hope you have enaught to work on the issue, in case you need something else, please tell me.

    Good bye
  • Hi, I'll start fixing the beta bugs next weekend!
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    Hello all,

    I'm new here in ths forum and I recently wanted to use RaceChrono to process GPS data that was recorded at 5 Hz on a BT747A+ gps receiver. However, with my NMEA-file, I get the same issue as kbumbaz (0 km traveled route). Is there any fix for this issue in the meantime?

    Best regards,

    Sample out of my NMEA file:

  • Can you send me the file to tracks(at) ?
  • aol,

    I sent the file to the e-mail above earlier this afternoon. Hope you're not having problems with it due to file size.
  • I fixed this for next beta. It was due to RaceChrono requiring always the satellite count field. This is missing in your data, and that's why nothing was imported.
  • Thanks for the feedback, I'm looking forward to the next release!
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    I recently use a BT747A+ (gps data recorder 5hz) on my motorcycle (675cm3 Street Triple)
    To compare the steering, I give it (the BT747) to another pilot, better or worse than me.

    Comparison with others is very informative!
    Motorcycle people accept a very small thing like the bt747.
    So if you're going to do with an iPaq hx2410 and a bt747, they meet often not.

    Well !

    When I finished my or another pilot session on the track I download over bluetooth the log file "BT747log.bin" on a my iPaq pocket pc (wm2003se) with "bt747 MTK Logger Control" PDA-Version (need SuperWaba, it's very hard to install java with specs CLDC 1.1/MIDP2.0/JSR82 on a pocket pc !)
    This software is available at ""
    Set BT747 :
    - record data time fix to 200ms !
    - don't activate "overwrite when full", this option would force full downloads instead of incremental (smart) ones. A bluetooth full download is very, very long ...

    I convert it to nmea file and import to racechrono ! Don't work ... the satellite count field !!!

    Yes, yes I know ... I get the same issue as schluerfi1978.

    And finally, it's not too early eh, I'm very talkative ...
    I just want to talk about this particular way of using racechrono.
    Who excels at comparing different ways of driving on tracks.
  • I've fixed the iBlue 747 satellite count issue for next version, I will be releasing new beta very soon.
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    Many thanks, aol

    I export a nmea file with Racechrono, i open it, i see GGA,GSA,GSV,RMC.
    I convert file "BT747log.bin" with "bt747 MTK Logger Control", i open it, i see GGA, RMC, ZDA.

    Missing GSA (GPS DOP and active satellites) and GSV (Satellites in View)
    "bt747 MTK Logger Control" allows to change the NMEA sequences in "BT747log.bin" file
    I test this ...

    A little question to aol : What are the NMEA sentences used by racechrono ?
    ZDA no use ?
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    RMC or GGA alone is enough when importing with the new versions. But iBlue 747 leaves out the satellite count field on RMC or GGA which was not accepted with current versions. ZDA is useful too but only with combination with RMC or GGA.
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    The software "BT747 - MTK Logger Control" allow to configure iBlue 747+ through bluetooth or usb com.

    All parameters BT747 are set to original values, i get this log file:

    All parameters BT747 are original values, except NSAT activation in FMT tab, i get this log file:

    Ending >>
    RMC sentence : no difference !
    GGA sentence : view satellite number, here is 9 !

    Operations order make with "BT747 - MTK Logger Control":
    Set parameters & erase log, activate log, get log, convert to nmea file.
  • The GGA is missing the satellite count in the first example. That's why it will not import in the old version. The second example should be ok.
  • hugos, can you send me a full NMEA log from your 747. I'll just confirm that it imports fine to the next version. Send zipped to tracks(at), thanks.
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    It works with a good setup on my iBlue747A+
    I have succesfully import nmea file to Racechrono v 1.36

    My iBlue setup is default except log 5hz (for race is better) and in the recording format,
    I turned on : Heading, Nsat, Millisecond.

    To configure it, you need a program like :
    - For java PC
    "BT747 Data Logger Software"

    - For Pocket PC
    "BT747 - MTK Logger Control"

    - For Phone list go to
    I configure iBlue747 with my Nokia 6131 !!!
  • Thank you Hugos for figuring this out! The heading field is most important for RaceChrono!
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    A question to aol

    For minimize the size of log in the iBlue internal memory and thus minimize the download time(bluetooth 1.2 is slower than usb), can you tell us the nmea sentences need to Racechrono to function properly.

    If I understand the minimal $GP is :
    RMC, GGA = required
    ZDA = you say "ZDA is useful too but only with combination with RMC or GGA", for a minimal file can do without ?
    GSV = I don't know

    In detail :
    milliseconds in "time fix taken at" = I don't know
    with the track angle (heading) in RMC = required !
    number of satellites being tracked in GGA = desirable for version 1.4 and required for earlier Racechrono versions
    horizontal dilution of position (HDOP) in GGA = I don't know

    There is a bit off topic but I just found out that meant NMEA : The National Marine Electronics Association. Ok !
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    Minimal set is $GPRMC + $GPGGA to have all important RaceChrono features. HDOP is saved by RaceChrono but not a requirement I think.
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    I worked on the nmea sentences and the data they should contain for import in Racechrono.
    This is according to the principle of minimum. You can add, but reduce the recording time.
    I tested various combinations with RaceChrono v1.36 and v1.40

    $GP Sentences required : RMC GGA

    Data required for RMC
    All, except "Magnetic variation".
    The first field "time fix taken at" must specify the milliseconds !!!
    Example :

    Data required for GGA
    all, except :
    - HDOP (Horizontal dilution of position)
    - NSat (Number of satellites being tracked), but see Note.
    - DGPS data
    The first field "time fix taken at" must specify the milliseconds !!!
    Example (with NSat, 9 here) :

    Note : only for RC v1.4, is required for RC v1.36
    But it's better with ! You can appreciate the quality of the satellite reception with the color of the trace in the Splits mode.

    With common GPS recorder,
    Import settings nmea FILE : RMC and GGA

    With the "iBlue747A+" and the DEFAULT settings,
    you MUST activate in format :
    and you can unactivate in format : RCR (record reason, take 2bits per record)
    Import settings nmea FILE : RMC and GGA

    "iBlue747A+" have 4Mbytes memory and my setup take 40bytes per record.
    With this setup I can record 5h50min in 5hz log.

    Important things about "iBlue747A+": this GPS recorder keep 5hz fix but with default parameter ever loose 5hz log, after switching in log you must set time to 0.2s (ie 5hz log) !
    If you want keep 5hz log after power off, set this in Log conditions :
    - don't check time
    - don't check distance
    - check speed and enter the value you want, I tested successfully 1km/h, 5km/h and 10km/h.
    If satellite reception is poor (<8 SAT) does not go below 5km/h, otherwise you'll save garbage values.

    With proper configuration of your GPS Logger, RaceChrono import nmea files correctly.
  • So executive summary of this would be that the logger needs to be able to export NMEA 0183 files that have enough fileds (satellite count, altitude, milliseconds in time and heading). Then just import the sessions from RaceChrono "Previous sessions > Import > NMEA".
  • hi,
    i am new to this topic (gps logging). few days ago i bought a qstarz bt 1000ex an recorded my first track and exported it with the qstarz software as nmea-file. this file wasn`t accepted by racechrono. after reading this thread i installed the "MTK Data Logger Control BT747" and tried to config my logger the right way. my biggest problem is that the downloaded file can`t be exported as nmea-file due to unknown problems. i tried many different methods of filters but it still doesn`t work...
    could anyone give me a hint solving this problem?
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    back again...
    i worked on the problem but did not get a full solution to the problem.
    still working with "MTK Data Logger Control BT747" i exported a nmea-file with these sequences:
    main difference to an working gpslog is in RMC the missing "A" and in GGA a "," to much after the "E"
    the settings for the logger and that export can you see in the following jpegs:
    logger settings 1:
    logger settings 2:
    filter for export:
    export settings:

    i would be glad if someone could tell me with settings to switch on to get rid of those to mistakes in my gpslogs.
    greetings ingo
  • Hi, For some reason the $GPGGA is missing the quality indicator. Otherwise the data seems good. Can you send me the exports to tracks(at)
  • i found the mistake. the missing points were valid (an "A" oder "V" in RMC) an yes the quality in GGA i switched everything in logger settings, filter settings and export settings on. so right now i m looking forward for good weatherconditions to test it on my bike.
    will be at the nürburgring gp track at the end of april :)
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    Hi AOL,

    I am having a hard time importing GPS data from my data logger onto RaceChrono. I have all the required fields according to hugos above post.

    Orginal file: 10042003.CVS
    Converted Orginal to NMEA format usign GPSVisulizer: 10042003_1.NMEA
    Changed the Satalite count in $GPGGA string from 00 to 9: 10042003_2.NMEA
    Changed the Satalite count in $GPGGA string from 9 to 09: 10042003_3.NMEA

    Sample NMEA strings taken from 10042003_3.NMEA:

    GPSBabel online conversion tool >>
    DataLogger >> Columbus V900
    SW >> RaceChrono for Windows 1.4

    Previous Sessions > Import New > Import file (browse to file) > Session title (input name) > Start

    GPS data can be downloaded from here:

    Thanks for any help
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