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only getting some lap times in a session

hello, i have a nokia N95 that i use for my racechrono. i done my 1st lap times on the weekend at eastern creek but it seems that it has only logged some of the lap times in each session i went out, the traveled route has cut corners in some sessions also. is there any way i can fix this problem, my gps reciever is taped on the front of my bike on the air duct behind the front screen with my phone in my pocket in my leathers, this is the 1st time i have used racechrono & im very happy with it but would like to get all my laps recorded..


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    Hi, it's case of bad Bluetooth connection or bad GPS data. You'd basically need to find out which. It is a bad Bluetooth connection, if the data looks accurate, but there is periodical jumps in the data (the line jumps straight through few corners). If the data looks like a mess, not all corners look same etc (there are also jumps in data), it's bad GPS data.

    Bad bluetooth connection can be caused by interference. Try to move the GPS somewhere with less equipment.

    Bad GPS data is caused by poor view to satellites. Best place of GPS receiver on a bike is usually the tail section. If that does not work, try to attach it to your shoulder.
  • thanks for your reply. in some sessions the track looks fine and in others it has cut some corners, and one session there was lines going everywhere and only recorded one lap.
    i cant put the reciever out on the tail section as its a big NO NO to do lap times there and they look over your bike before you head out, do you think it could be caused by viabrations from the bike? there are hardly any electronics on the bike as its a carby bike. i put the reciever under the pillion seat and managed to get some lap times out of it too, so im not sure if its poor gps signal or bluetooth. it was a rainy day if that helps you to solve the problem.
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