Error when attempting to download track

When I try to download a track, i get an error.

Track Profiles > Options > Download New
Error! Cannot create session. Error: -2147467259

I have a HTC Touch Pro 2, running WM6, using Racechoro v1.3

Is this a known bug?
Is it a config problem?


  • Hi, it's not known. Does your data connection work fine otherwise? Browser etc? Which operator in which country?
  • yes - my data connection works fine otherwise via browser, etc. I have actually used the browser to navigate the website and download the tracks - but it's nowhere near as convienent. I'm in Australia, using Telstra.
    Note: I have found that there are a number of default data connections available on my phone (HTC TouchPro2) and i'm wondering if it's defaulting to the wrong one via the racechrono app.... just a thought.
  • It could be. But RaceChrono just takes the one that the OS gives it... Can you first try to open the data connection with browser, and then try to download in RaceChrono?
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