N95 with internal and external (Q-818X)

I've used N95 with internal and external GPS (Q-818X). With the internal GPS works well but it has low precision and the track don't pass over the split. With the extern I have problems because it starts but then don't save data. One of the problems in both is when I click start it seems that the traveled route begins but if I change to lap timer viwer the current lap never start and never show iformation. Then I never know if it is working well. Can you help me?
Sorry for my english ;-)


  • Yes the internal GPS is not very good on N95. There is a slight problem with N95 older firmwares and some QSTARZ receivers. Try to upgrade the firmware (Google Nokia Software Update). Many people have reported this has fixed their N95 / QSTARZ problem.
  • I've upgraded the firmware and now it connect correctly. A question: when start laptimer to show secons in the current lap, when you start new session or when you pass on the start line??? My problem is that when I start the session I see that begin the register of data but in lap timer view the time is always 0. Thank you for your help.
  • The lap is started when you pass the start line. It will show 0 until pass the start line, when it starts running.
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