RaceChrono version 1.40 beta known issues

Version 1.40 known issues for all platforms:
    Nothing so far.

Symbian (S60) version 1.40 known issues:
    [li]Nokia N95 and N95 8GB have problems with QSTARZ BT-Q818X and QSTARZ BT-Q818 eXtreme receivers. Firmware update on the phone supposedly helps, please let me know if you run in to this one. Not RaceChrono issue, but common never the less. [li]Standing start lap timing and performance testing is broken when used with Internal GPS of Samsung Symbian phones.

Windows Mobile version 1.40 known issues:
    [li]IMPROTANT: If you're having problems with installation, there one common thing to go wrong. Please use "save as file" when clicking the download link, so you save the .CAB file to your disk instead opening it. Then copy the .CAB file to your device and open it there. [li]Number editors accept text as well [li]Loosing editor focus when coming back from another applications (WM std) [li]Internal GPS setting does not work with HTC P3300 WM 6.0 (but does work with WM 5.0). Any other users experiencing from this?

Feel free to continue the thread with any issues you've found. Please also mention which platform are you using.


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    Hi Aol,

    I tried to import two nmea files (generated by iBlue 747 data logger), one with NSAT and one without.

    This 2 files import successfully in RaceChrono v1.40 beta !
    But whitout NSAT, RaceChrono does not show altitude in "Traveled route". This is not good !

    My platform is Windows PocketPC 2003 SE

    Nota : I'll prepare a detailed mail about this.
    I work on it next week, here I have no time.
  • Hi Aol,

    Before I start with my problem, may I say what a Great little program.

    I have installed RC 1.40 after trying 1.30 and have noticed in the new version even with 8 fixed satellites, when I switch to live timer in “Performance test”, it never logs any runs (works fine in 1.30).
    If I toggle to the data screen, all the data appears there, speed, altitude, gps time, coordinate precision. BUT with the BLUE Waiting sign at the top of the screen.

    Installed on Samsung i8910.

    I would revert back to 1.30 but I am off to the Isle of man TT in June and this version expires in May :-(
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    Are you using the Internal GPS receiver? Can you send me the -nmea.txt file for the problem session to tracks(at)racechrono.com? I'll at least release a beta version with this one fixed before previous expiration. Also please send me your IMEI number (dial *#06#) so I can add you to beta group, so you can test them.
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    Yep it seems proper bug that is related to Samsung Symbian phones Internal GPS. I've fixed this once and now it came back, sorry about that :(
  • Nice update !

    However, A couple of small questions / queries. I am running a Dell X50, not the VGA version and the text on the lap comparison tables is very small, is there an option to change the font size ?

    The other point I`ve noticed is the + & - for zooming into the map and data trace have gone, I have to click the screen then click zoom in, then repeat, the + and - were much easier to quickly zoom in.

    I`m sure you removed them because someone said they were intrusive, but I liked them ;)

    I`ll be using it on track on Saturday, so will report back how it goes.


  • Nigep: I don't think it ever was + and - ? Try 1 and 4 for the map and 2 and 3 for the graph. :)
  • AOL, there was a large graphic of a `+` and ` -` on the screen that I could click to zoom in or out. I don`t have any number buttons on my PDA, so can`t zoom in that way.

    The font size is definately a touch too small IMO too. ;)
  • 1.4 doesn't seem to export the header for standard csv exporting, just the data. Does this on symbian and windows verison. Would be great to confirm this is happening and isn't just me :)

  • mikecouk: I tested with Windows computer and both All laps and Traveled route seemed to export fine. Can you open the export files with notepad or such to see if the header is there?
  • Used this last weekend, When creating a new circuit, I wanted to add a new name, but the box that appears to let me use the onscreen keyboard to enter a name didn`t appear :(
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    Nigep, which device? Which OS? Does it happen always?
  • Dell Axim X50, OS Windows Mobile 5.

    Here is a photo of the screen, as you can see, no option to type and I can`t change the title.

    I need to open word first, that displays the blue `keyboard` icon at the bottom of the screen. THEN if I load Racechrono, I can change the text using the already displayed keyboard.
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    Nigep, looks like you have installed the wrong version. The WM Std version does not have the virtual keyboard stuff. Also it has very small "soft keys". Try the WM Pro version for better RaceChrono experience. :)
  • DOH !

    Thats better, I also have the +/- zoom button now, the font size is readable too..

    However, when displaying the graph and speed trace, is there any way to hide the `toolbar` along to bottom `graph settings, hide map, zoomed Y-Axis` etc? It takes up quite a lot of the screen. Perhaps being able to `minimise` it to the bottom, leaving only a ` ^ ` icon to view it again ?

    This update now works fine, sorry for the error earlier.
  • Good! Unfortunately no way to make it full screen currently.
  • 1.40 is looking great. I was just viewing the "Traveled route" view and holding down the > button to follow my path when the screen went blank. It seems the phone thinks that it was "idle" even though I had my finger on the > button. Is there a way for RaceChrono to let the phone know that it is not idle and should not blank the screen?

    Nokia N97, RaceChrono 1.40
  • One more question: Is it possible to convert a data logging session into a new track? If not, how do I go about recording a "favourite ride in the hills" and converting it into a track with my own traps etc?

    Thanks in advance!
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    You can change the data logging session in to a lap timing session from session properties.
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    " 4.Internal GPS setting does not work with HTC P3300 WM 6.0 (but does work with WM 5.0). Any other users experiencing from this? "

    I continue with this problem in 1.4 version...exactly the same as with 1.3 version....
    Any solution for my P3300??
  • juanier: I guess the easiest solution would be to use external Bluetooth GPS. I haven't been able to reproduce this problem.
  • Hm, how frustrating. I updated racechrono from 1.1 to 1.4 and now it is not working properly anymore. We went to the track of Zolder (Belgium) yesterday and all measurements are faulty. Yesterday there were only 4 or 5 laptimes each session (in stead of the usual 10) and all laptimes were faulty 2:30, 5:59 (normally one lap around the track was about 1:55) I really don't know what the problem is with version 1.4. I use the same phone (E51=S60) and external GPS as last year. Any suggestions? I really like the software and I already used it a lot! Is it possible to downgrade again to 1.1?
  • Yuri: Probably the problem is not the software (as I have tested it with E51), but rather some problems with the hardware. Recharge GPS battery, and make sure it has clear visibility to the sky. Also GPS receivers sometimes break from the vibrations.
  • Ok, thanks for the quick answer AOL! I will check the hardware! Better luck next time.
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    Hi aol,

    does the 1.4 Racechrono work on WM 6.5 Phones?
    My next Phone is a HTC HD2 ( Leo ). Now i have a HTC Touch Diamond, the older Version of Racechrono works great with my Phone and a Qstarz 5 Mhz BT 818. It was fantastic when the 1.4 run on the BIG Display of HD2. THX...................speed_e
  • Some users have reported that the v1.4 works fine on HD2. Be sure to download the WIDCOMM version (small link at the download page).
  • When I change the Font size, the lap count and title timer in portrait mode over lap each other.
  • rwbauman: which device?
  • I am using HTC touch Diamond. And it is when it is in landscape mode, not portrait
  • Ok. I have Touch Diamond here. How do I switch to landscape?
  • It comes on automatically when you set racechrono lap timer to landscape mode.
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