How to add traps

Hello, thanks a lof for this software, it is the best programme working with GPS data that I´ve ever seen!

I have two problems. Spring is coming and I would like to start bicycling. My start and end is not in a same point. I would like to compare time (and another parametres) in different points. Is possible to add more points than start and end? Maybe it´s possible, but now I am not able to set it. Is possible to figure the times (and another parametres) in different points to some table or graph? Well maybe it´s possible when I export it to *.csv, isn´t it? But can you help we how to do it? Please.

Second question: when I start new session and name it, could it be possible to figure the name in exported file? E.g. 20100227-1541-route-export_Prague-Roma not only the date. Well when i have more sessions in one day, it´s a a little bit mess because I don´t remember what session was it. Or sometimes I could forgive to export and then I don´t know what session I forgot.

I am sorry for my english.

Thanks a lot for your advice!



  • Well, I have read the manual and adding traps is clear, I think.

    First ask then read :-)
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