No connection to GPS on laptop

Awesome software on a phone! Somehow I can't get it to work on my laptop (I don't own a suitable phone myself)

Regardless what I try, RC doesn't seem connect to my (cheap) usb gps. Live Timer just says no connection to GPS and nmea file stays empty. The gps works fine with navigation software as well as with a gps info software provided with the device.

COM-port should be correct and I've tried all baudrates without any luck.

Any ideas what I could try next?


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    Probably COM port / baud rate related problem. Install software called "real term" which as automatic com port / baud rate detection. When you get the data from the GPS visible to real term, use the same settings over at RaceChrono.

    If you can not get the data visible with "real term" you probably won't have success with RaceChrono either :)

    The GPS data is clear text and has a lot of sentences starting with $GP
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    Now that was a mindbogglingly quick answer! Thank you!

    The GPS seems to put out data at 4800 baud. Short sample below just in case there's something funny in the data (It's indoors, so no signal).









    If RC would be receiving the data it would not say "No connection to GPS", right? That's what it does regardless what I do.
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    Those same settings should work in RaceChrono as well, and you should see the same data in the -nmea.txt file. It should say "No fix to satellites". Which receiver do you use and is it available online somewhere?
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    It's model number at the bottom sticker is BU-303.
  • Strange things can happen. I changed the usb port and it started to work! COM port went from 11 to 6 and physical location to another side of the laptop.

    Now I just wonder where I could find a more accurate and higher refresh rate usb gps. Cheaply of course :D

    Thank you for your help and an amazing software!
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