Problems with Nokia N70


I have installed the Race Chrono in my Nokia N70 but when i want connect my bluetooth GPS, if i search the blutooth device I find my gps but i obtain an error when I try connect it.

It's very strange because I use the same external GPS with TomTom software and i not have any problem.

Some solution?

Thanks in advance, regards.


  • Which error do you get?
  • I'm searching a bluetooth device and i find my BT GPS, i select this device but appear this error "Could not reach the GPS receiver. Try same receiver again?".

    I don't understand how i can connect it in TomTom and not from Race Chrono.

    Thanks and regards.
  • Can sombody give any idea or solution?.

  • Are you already connected to the GPS from the phone? Try to unpair the GPS from the Bluetooth settings, and then connect with RaceChrono.
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