Size of gpx file

Hi, this is the best application on GPS data I´ve ever seen! Thank you very much!

I have a question. Is possible to make smaller gpx file? Because I use this page to analyze my data:
But if a file has over 2 MB, it´s not able to figure data. So I know, that the longest way is approximately 2 h 40 min. But sometimes I would like to go much more time. How to make a export file smaller? Thanks.


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    You could write a script to remove all unneeded tags from the GPX. But it would not make the file much smaller... Maybe only 30% smaller.

    Maybe better to use some better software to generate the reports? :)
  • Well, I don´t know better software that is so accurate as RaceChrono! I need accurate record of speed (speed profile). I used the Smartcomgps, but it is so inaccurate. E.g. I went constantly 120 km/h and with Smartcomgps the graph was something between 90 and 150 km/h, so it is condemnation for that purpose I need it. Only with RaceChrono was it as in real, great software!

    Well, 30% is good, but who could I write a script? I am a computer analphabet. Please, anyone who is able to make it, make it:-)
  • No, I meant use something else to load the GPX file by RaceChrono :) 2MB limit for loading is bad :)
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