Can I use GPS logger and download to RC later?


I am really new to RC and really new to GPS so please forgive my ignorance. I have the BT818x and have used it with great success on both my motorbike at the track and also my XC mountain bike, as well as just running. It has been fantastic.

I have also tried the BTQ1300s but this has serious altitude inaccuracies that I have been unable to overcome. Otherwise it works ok but only 1Hz logging. I like the idea of the GPS doing the logging and only having to carry 1 item (instead of the gps and the phone) - especially for my sons who do downhill mtb racing so are not usually carrying backpacks.

Can I use the logging in the BT-818eX, BTQ1000x or BTQ2000 and then transfer the data to RC on the PC for analysis?

thanks for any advice.


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