Cheapest RaceChrono Hardware?

As per subject, I was looking forward to search on eBay for a dedicated RC phone - don't even care if calling functions work. What is the cheapest model I can find? Suggestions?

Thanks in advance, Ed


  • Expansys normally have a few cheap phones like the iMate 8502 and the iPaq Voice Messenger for £100. I'm pretty sure these both work with RaceChrono as they're both Windows Mobile.
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    I'd go with some cheap touchscreen Nokia S60 device like 5230. I think they are around 150-160 Euros new everywhere.
  • why don`t you just buy a gps logger like the iblue 747A+ (around 60€ and can log with 5hz). you can import and analyse your logged data afterwards. I don`t know how good the gps recievers in these mobile phones are but would wonder if they are better than a standalone logger...
  • It's best to use an external logger. The suggested phones/PDAs are just for installing RaceChrono, which means you can actually review your data at the track without a laptop. Generally, the phone is also used for logging the data getting the GPS data from a bluetooth-connected GPS receiver.
  • Thanks everybody - I already have a 5hz BT GPS receiver, like Andy said I just need the phone for logging/best lap real time showing purposes.
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