RaceChrono and Wiimote

I would like to start off by saying thank you for this great program. I have htc 6800(windows mobile) and qstarz 816x and I plan on using this setup on my motorcycle for trackdays.

Yesterday just for fun I tried connecting my Wiimote to my phone, and to my surprise I was successful. It shows up as a serial device. So here is what I was thinking. Would it be possible to include the Wiimote as one of the data logging devices that RaceChrono supports? The accelerometers and especially their new gyro attachment, would be great for motorcycles as well as cars. I know writing a whole new driver for a device like that is not easy, but I found some projects out there there were more or less successful at that:




  • I just noticed that this idea was brought up before in the wish list thread. I guess what I wanted to add is that the analog stick on the wii nunchuk can be connected to the throttle and the brake to provide further data. Also the MotionPlus gyroscope can be used for measuring accurate tilt.

    Is this something that can be implemented in the next version, whenever it is coming out?
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