wince ppc2003 settings.dat format

i'm currently hacking jj-connect 320 pnd device to run racechrono, and it's already working pretty much fine (which makes it a great racetrack logging device, really). the only thing i can't work out is this: when editing any fields (such as track name, session name, perfomance testing limits, etc.), there're no "ok" and "cancel" buttons -- they're just not there on the screen... looks like racechrono relies on hardware "soft buttons" under the screen of a proper wince device, but there're no such buttons on pnd's...

i'm really stuck with this right now, and if there's no chance to fix that, is it at least possible to give out the format of the settings.dat file, so that i can at least add my favourite perfomance tests?

thanks in advance!

p.s.: is anyone interested in installing racechrono to pnd's such as jj-connect or texet? (maybe garmin too). i'd write a how-to if there's anyone except me who needs this sort of weird stuff =)


  • oh, looks like i've found a temporary solution:

    i've created my own perfomance tests settings using the pc version on my laptop, and just copied the perftest.dat file to \sdmmc\Application Data\RaceChrono

    anyways, i'd be great to have the ok/cancel issue sorted...
  • I could build a PPC 2003 version with the custom softkeys and virtual keyboard. Currently I'm busy, but please remind me in one week if I haven't done it before :)
  • oh, that's really nice to hear! thanks in advance!
  • by the way, virtual keyboard is not really necessary -- i'm using MioTool for that.
  • aol, any news 'bout softkeys-enabled build?
  • i'm going to test this solution at moscow's "dmitrovsky poligon" track this weekend, any chance to get softkeys-enabled build by this friday?

    thanks in advance!
  • pleeeease.... =)
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    I'm doing it today!Harass me later today if I haven't posted link to it to this thread :)
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    Send you the binary today. Also I'd like to point out that the CE5 and other PND devices will not be officially supported by RaceChrono, because there is a commercial product like that. But if people like some hacking then it's OK I guess.
  • it works just fine, thank you very much!!!

    official support position is understood as well.

    sorry for the continual harassment this week =)
  • the device was successfully tested, thanks a lot!

    by the way, in previous versions it was possible to "playback" recorded travelled route using the keypad (at least in s60v3 version) -- is there some similar functionality in the ppc2003 edition?
  • Hi l0d

    Is it possible to send me your version?

    Thank you
  • Hi lOd and aol

    can you share that binary? I would like to have racechrono running on my Medion ARM Wince5.0 device (with touch screen)
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