Copy Tracks

Can I copy a track map with different Traps on it?
So I have Track 1 which I can download with 3 traps and start finish
I want to copy that track map, remove the 3 traps, add 6 traps and save it as Track 1 6 traps
Then repeat the process with 10 traps and save it as Track 1 10 traps

I think I might have figured it out. If I download the Track 1 map more than once then I can rename it then make changes.

It would still be cool to be able to copy tracks with traps then rename and move traps rather than create from scratch each time


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    You can copy and rename the tracks as you want.
    The only thing to observe in the name of the file is that it must end in "-track.bin"

    Then just edit split on each copy and give them a name based on the number of partials, for example like this:


    Once this is done, for same session you can quickly change the number of splits and so you start in analysis with a different number of them.
  • So just copy and rename the .bin files? Then edit the splits?

    Thanks for the reply i will give that a try
  • Yep, that will work.
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